yama buddha’s Death Body Has been brought to Nepal

Yama buddha Who is Greatest Rapper of nepal and Recently as we know about his unrealistic death in London now finally his dead body has been brought in Nepal. From many sources we have heard that he has done sucide on his Bathroom by hanging on belts we don’t know how much is the truth in this story . many Nepali and his international fans are upset with his news. as his body was kept in London’s one hospital for postmortem and now after all the legal documents his Body has been Brought in nepal for the Final process of funeralition.

yama buddha death body

yama buddha death body image source from republica

His body has been brought in Nepal Kathmandu  by the flight of Eithad on 3:41pm. His original Name is anil adhikari and known as yama buddha He was just 29 years old and living with his family on London.

From our meroreview  : Rest In peace yama buddha we will never forget you . We will never forget what you have given to us .

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