What is Touchwiz Rom?

samsung touchwiz

Touchwiz is user interface designed by Samsung for its galaxy series smartphone.It isn’t OS just a replacement of vanilla android interface.
it is heavily criticized for lagging Samsung device Samsung is improving it. Touchwiz came with bundle of Samsung apps like galaxy app,s voice,s note etc.

history of touchwiz versions


1.1 TouchWiz 3.0 Lite (Supports Android 2.1 – Android 2.2) (2010)
1.2 3.0 (Supports Android 2.1 – Android 2.2) (2010)
1.3 4.0 (Supports Android 2.3 – Android 4.0) (2011)
1.3.1 Preloaded Apps (Selected Devices only)
1.3.2 Preloaded Apps (Samsung Galaxy Note Devices only)
1.4 TouchWiz Nature UX Lite (Supports Android 4.0) (2012)
1.5 TouchWiz Nature UX (Supports Android 4.0.4 – Android 4.1.2) (2012)
1.5.1 Preloaded Apps (Selected Devices only)
1.5.2 Preloaded Apps (Samsung Galaxy Note Devices only)
1.6Nature UX 2.0 (Supports Android 4.2) (2013)
1.6.1 Preloaded Apps (Selected Devices only)
1.6.2 Preloaded Apps (Samsung Galaxy Note Devices only)
1.7  Nature UX 2.5 (Supports Android 4.3 – Android 4.4) (2013)
1.7.1 Preloaded Apps (Selected Devices only)
1.7.2 Preloaded Apps (Samsung Galaxy Note Devices only)
1.8 Nature UX 3.0 (Supports Android 4.4 – Android 5.0) (2014)
1.9 TouchWiz Nature UX 3.5 (Supports Android 4.4.4 – Android 5.0.1) (2014)
1.10 Nature UX 5.0 (Supports Android 5.0 – Android 5.1.1) (2015)
1.11 6.0 (Supports Android 6.0 – Android 6.0.1) (2016)
2 Phones running Samsung TouchWiz
2.1 Proprietary
2.2 Bada
2.3 Windows Mobile
2.4 Symbian
2.5 Tizen
2.6 Android
2.6.1 Cameras
2.6.2 Smartphones
2.6.3 Phablets
2.6.4 Tablets

Along with bundle of Samsung app their are other cool features are also available in touchwiz

a.Smart stay

This most amazing feature from Samsung which won’t let you device dim and sleep as long as you are watching in your screen.
it uses front facing camera track whether you are looking at device or not.But big downside is it consumes your more battery.

b.ultra power saving mode

Battery is one of the prime issue in modern smartphone .Inspite of having larger battery capacity still uses are suffering
from battery backup problem.But ultra power saving mode become bless for Samsung user.This feature save your battery heavily.After turning on this feature you won’t be able to access all your apps.All you background running apps and their process as well
well as their services will halted which will give you longer battery backup.Under this mode calculator,clock,twitter,Facebook
camera,phone dialer,per install browser,memo,message and voice recorder.You can also able to access few area of settings.
C.Multi windows

In vanilla android multi windows feature is introduced in 6.0 Nougat but Samsung has brought multi windows in its
from Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich .Thought vanilla android feature is better than touchwiz but main concept came from touchwiz.

d.Flip to mute and pause

This is one of the groundbreaking feature from Samsung which make us easy to mute your ring and easy to pause your music.
This is very useful when your are in meeting suddenly your phone ring up at time you can get rid of ring quickly.

This isn’t all other smart features their are also available in touchwiz rom.

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