Teriya Magar In Nepal after long time 2074


teriya magar in nepalAs we all know about Nepali Daughter Teriya magar. she is just 15 years old and she has got so many success in this small age. She has many fans in Nepal as well as on the outside of a country. Now recently she has won the title of Indian Reality show jhalak Dikh laja season 9 and before that she had won Dance india dance which program was hosted on zee tv.

now that girl reached here in Nepal at todays flight. as i am also a serious fan of her but due to the busy life i was unknown about that. I just know after 2hours of her landing in Kathmandu airport. so i Was unable to meet her. Many peoples were there to welcome yes that was night but people has combed to welcome her and it is responsibility also to welcome her. She has proved that we Nepali have already proved this also by winning the many reality shows which are hosted on other countries .

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Here if you want to watch teriya magar welcome video then watch video at given link below

after reaching in Nepal she takes photographs with many people at there and also get chance to make direct contact with the peoples who helped her to get success in her carrier. due to the terms and conditions of ZeeTv she was banded to visit any countries so she was unable to came Nepal to thank her Fans but as soon as the time completed and she became free she came to Nepal Instead she has her final examinations. Teriya Magar was unknown up to some time but now she  Became superstar hope she will make the name and fame of our country so far.

our politicians only knows to sell the country and to make money in their way never thinks for development of country.here in this article i want to put a question why so talented peoples like teriya magar,prashant tamang,willd ripperz crew participated in india’s reality show. why they leave own country and participate at others country show that is due to the lack of proper chance in Nepal and hosting of these program. When a good program comes there also Politics. so politicians make a proper environment for better nepal.


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