Review About apple Iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus on its 10th anniversary

iphone 8 rumor model

There is no doubt that apple iphone 7 and 7 plus was the best phones of 2016. In iphone 7 and 7 plus there was so many new features which was liked by all and within the many countries in nepal also it has taken a very good market with a large positive response as iphone 7 was water resistance,large storage capacity and faster speedy performance . Now in the market we have heard a lot Rumor about the features of the apple iphoe 7 so we have surfed many sites and also taken the views of local people about what will be the expectaions in the upcoming update of iphone 8. As apple never make people sad so now in its upcoming birthday there is the chance we will get launch of its new iphone 8 with new hardware and new softwares modules and new features which will increase the craze of apple in the more with 100times.

so As our research we have make a certain list of features which will be in the upcoming iphones 8 and 8 plus

Features of apple iphone 8 and 8 plus

  • may be the ceramic or glass body
  • there is rumor that there will be iris scanner for alternatice to touch id
  • price tag will be up to the $1000 or higher
  • Dual-lens camera with AR
  • there is prediction for virtual home button
  • Wireless charging is confirm
  • next generation processor may be A10X or A11

so this is only the rumor about the features of apple next launch and its also a rumor what apple will name to its new launch it may not be the apple i-phone 8 may be it will iphone 10 so what do you think the name will be of the next launch of the i phone share your opinion in the comment below.

as there are many rumor we have heard from the cnet blog  that in 2017 apple will launch update version of iphone 7 and 7 plus and name will be the iphone 7S. here don’t may your mind so bull because its a only rumor. and we have also heard that now iphone will left behind the aluminium body so what will be according to the different blogs we came to know that it may be of a ceramics or glass body.

iphone 8 rumors

also read about

Unlock iphone with your eyes by iris scanner

now what you have seen in the movies and in your imagination it is going to be true in 2017 guess what in 2017 in the next launch of iphones 7 you may get the new feature which is hearding so cool and making me excited. yes i am going to be very excited by thinking also so in next launch of iphone you may see the new feature of lockscreen which is by scanning the retina of your eye.

New color in the new lauch of apple

may be here in 10th anniversary the iphone will be launched in the new colors so if you are the users in which color you would like to buy the iphone mention in comments … about your fav.

Edge to Edge display in the next launch of apple 8 or 7s..

this is also a rumor from iphone 7 but we haven’t got that feature in that launch but now i the upcoming launch this is the biggest rumor that there will be the avaiability of the edge to edge display in the next launch of aple.

how much will be the price of i-phone7s or i-phone 8s

now Its going to be a tough if all these features will come in the next launch so according to many sources we came to know that it may cost upto the $1000 or above its just a rumor so we can’t say accurately about this.

wireless charge in apple next launch


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