Politics in Nepal idol 2017 season 1

nepal idol prize 2017

In every corner now i have seen politics in Nepal. Due to this Behaviour Our nepal is Still in the Developing Process what’s Happen here that is Corrouption. Now For the First time in Nepal . International show Nepal idol is going to Start but you know what happens here that makes down to all Nepali Singers and as other artist they went to other countries and there they wins who even don’t get chance to Give audition also.

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Now as we have heard from many sources that most of the best singers who were taking regular classes and they were very well at there place but even they Didn’t Get chance to take participate and perform in front of judges  at first you have to sing song in front of some non music expert if they allows to enter you then only you can sing in front of judges and these judges are not official judges only just for first selection. here i am not telling they are allowing there people to competiton but here is a problem In system in our country . Here everyone has right to participate in the program and now in Kathmandu this falgun 7th and 8th is the audition from 8am to 4pm at jawalakhel DAV college at dav international if you are coming with us then we have to raise a voice against this fucking system. if they will show the same behaviour as other places we will not keep silent as other audition places ki taw marxu ki marxu.

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