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one plus 4

This year We have got a lot of things to experience i mean in the world of smartphones. We have got so many changes in features and of course in better user experience also. Now in The world of smartphone there is a huge competition for providing better features and better user experience in cheapest price which can be affordable by all the people and it has many business strategies also …

Suppose apple company is selling its products in a very high price and it is also providing better features also but apple iphones are not affordable by all the people and in that place other smartphones are providing the same features in low price and its selling more products in large amount of quantity and making more sells by the people and making more money than apple due to large selling of products.

As in trending world of smartphone now here cames one plus four with its blasting feature with 8 GB rom. Oh my god 8 gb Rom i was shocked when i see that even my laptop runs on 2Gb Ram . I got shocked about it and m dam sure you will be also shocked when you had know about that and moreover that i really liked the body of one plus smartphones they are so amazing and good finishing touchup.

Now as the time changes the demand also changes so with that on this 2017 i think its a just a starting and a very good starting with this advanced and time demanded features because the moments and enjoying and time spending with cellphones are not limited so this one plus are very popular and also they are making better place and respect om the market.

now here i am going to provide you information about features of one plus for

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Features of one plus 4

Specifications                                    one plus 4 features

Battery                                                      4000mah

Camera                                                     Front camera with retina Flash

Rear camera                                          16-mega pixel

front-camera                                         8 mega-pixel

Memory                                                   64gb

operating System                                   android7,0 nougat

processor                                                  3GHz quad core processor

Ram                                                         8GB

Release Date                                       MArch-2017

price                                                       450USD$ nepali nearly RS45000

Colors                                                   Black Blue,Gold,and white

Screnn Display                                    5.5 Display With full HD

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AS this Android phone is updated with different features and if you dont know let me tell you that one plus 3 was cost od INR indian RS 26000. and now this new model has came with new features so may this will have more price than the previous model.

now this model cames with 4000mah battery which is so much for the normal users like me as  mostly i used to listen songs and play clash of clan and 2900mah becames inof for me so i was thinking about 400mah oh my god this much of capacity is inof for me for  couple of days without charging and in standby this is too much for a couple of weeks .

about its android version it has the highest supported android version which is 7.0 nougat. means you will get better user experience and more flexibility with this smart phones.

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Release date of onplus 4

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Release date and features of one plus 4 in nepal



one plus 4 features and price in nepal and india

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