Why ncell should disable Free Facebook |fact| Net Neutrality|

Why Ncell should Disable Free facebook?

Summary about Net neutrality

Actually no any service provider is allowed block the webpages which is informative for the people and which is not harmful for the peoples and no any service provider is allowed to make faster data transfer to any specific webpages all webpages should be treated equally.
Some rules that your broadband and other isp needs to be followed

No Blocking

simply your isp has no right to block the webpages or the apps which is not harmful for the students and which is informative. They can only block the specific websites or webpages if it is harmful for the people or which can offence the community As many porn sites are blocked by search engines and in many countries porn sites are blocked only by taking the decisions only by the Government.

No paid priority

No any broadband has permission to take fee and give extra priority to the specific site to make it load faster or to make it top in the search results all the things here should go naturally by the intrest of users and its quality if this things happen then there will not be the positive result in the world of internet . Other web owners are free to advertise on google facebook but they are not allowed to give extra fee and give more priority to other but here that is not happeing on ncell .
Ncell has made free facebook and twitter which is totally not good and against the rules by fcc and here i am totally angry with FACEBOOK founder markz being so much successful person how he decided to take this decisions and why our country government is kept silent and not taking action against it so i want to ask my country politicians and realted IT Specialist what are you doing there you have no words for them or you have been made to kept silet by throwing money on your mouth .

Requests To ncell Users

Don’t be happy friends by thinking that facebook is free on ncell or twitter its against the rules and there will be also many people who will backbite of my words but this free internet will affects this online world as well as your carrier and study .
By thinking its free you may be using it full time chatting with friends but it has no good results for you for me and for all now hseb exam is also near so what happen if you are full time busy on facebook what will happen to your study this facebook is only for people to be in touch so to protect internet protocols share this post so that all people will know about it ……………………………………. if you think i am wrong then tell me why i am wrong i will be there to prove why i am not ……………………..
Humble Request to ncell……….. nepali cheali beati lai bigranay kam gar ..

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