NAME Mbbs Entrance Prepration Questions 2074 (2017) (IOM)

Instructions: There  are 200 multiple-choice questions,each having four choices of which only one is correct. you have to fill answer with fully black spot of ink.

MBBS entrance prepration questions

Question paper here

mbbs entrance prepration questions

  • The dimension of hubble’s constants are
  • Kinetic energy required to make a body move to infinity from the earth’s surface is
  • Drops of water fall from the roof of a building 9m high at Regular interval of time,the first drop reaching the ground at the same instant fourth drop starts its fall. What are the distances of the second and third drop from the roof?
  • the height y and the distance x  along the horizontal plane of a projectile projected at a planet (with no surrounding atmosphere) are given x=8t,y=6t-10^2 where x and y are in meter and t in seconds. the acceleration due to gravity at the planet is ?
  • if a body loses half its velocity on penetrating 3cm in a wooden block,then how much will it penetrate more before coming to rest?
  • A person walked up a stalled escalator in 90s. when standing on the same escalator, now moving ,he is carried up in 60s. How much time it take him to walk up to the escalator?
  • From the top of a building a ball is dropped While another is thrown horizontally while another is thrown horizontally at the same time. Which ball will strike the Ground First?
  • All ball of mass m1 collides elastically and head on with another ball of mass m2 initially at rest. In which of the following cases transfer of momentum will be maximum?
  • The radius of gyration of a slender rod of mass M and length L about an axis  of rotation perpendicular to its length and passing through the center is 😕
  • A double star system consists of two stars A and B, which have time period Ta and Tb radius Ra and Rb and mass Ma and massB?

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