Mens and Womens room Reloaded (MWRR)

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Early at the morning i check For the news feed  and before letting to my bed and i make smile to myself Looking the posts by the members of MWRR thanks to this group you are making by day . We share many informations here  and also helped many peoples who are really in need and many people get help when they lost their important documents or needed some emergency help. Now  members of this MWRR has started a campaign to make library collecting old books of Grade 9,10, 11 and 12 this will help to those students who are not getting books in their place. As in Nepal in Many Rural places there is lack of schools and hospitals at there MWRR has tried to Provide some books. If You want to Donate any of the old books then you can contact us.

For book Donation to MWRR

donate books to mwrr

contact Hemant chaudhary

9865688477 or mail at 9804613673  I will inform to the admins of MWRR if you personally want to donate them then also ok come and join to the group and inform them about your place they will mention for the delivery place date and time.

Admins of MWRR

Anchal pahari
tsabin Dhakal
Yashu shrestha
Rajesh chaulagain
AD anup
Bibek Lamichhane
Brown Eye
Dinesh Adhikari
Acharya Avi
Anushka Khadka
Oraus Dai

your small contribution may be the stepping stone of someone’s life.

Summary about situation of Nepal’s Education

mwrr nepal

As Nepal is a small Country but although being small landlock country. In many places of Nepal there is a lack of proper Education system. Its due to the lack of proper Transportation Facilities ans due to the lack of  Sustainable Development .so simply at there place many children are even not getting chance to go school. At many place many children are not going to school due to their Family background economic condition.  So We have Tried to make an library later on other campaign will also came ….




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