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Heaven’s Garden English School is an Educational Institution Committed to the Excellence and Highest Achievement Of student in terms of their skill knowledge and attitudes to Prepare them for Success in the 21st century. HGS Ensures That students are guided by set of values and belief that best reflect the Nepalese Ethos.

 Aims and school Philosophy

We Believe that each child is unique individual. We are sensitive to a child’s Spiritual,social emotional, and physical needs. We provide and develop mentally appropriate programs that focus on the Process of Learning and help children enjoy successful experience. We Believe That Strength of our program is in the Dedication of our teaching staff. Our Teachers Create a Caring,Loving and nurturing atmmosphere and mould each child’s creativity and positive self image.

We Believe Parents are the most significant adults in a  child’s life. We strive to Create  Mutual Respect between parents and teachers Partnership for the Benefit of a child. All pupils will achieve their best if learning is fun and personal achievements are valued which is the main aim of Heavens Garden.

Admission Procedure

Nursery Admission

Children must be 3 Years old by 1st of Baisakh to be Admitted to Nursery. Admission is Done on First come priority Basis.

LkG.- Eight Admission

Except for Admission to Nursery , Admission Test will be Taken, only Successful candidates will be admitted. In Case of students seeking transfer from other school, The Transfer character and Clearance Certificates from the Previous school are compulsory at the time of admission.

School Uniform

Details of school uniform are Listed Below

Girls- Boy summer-
Maroon Skirt, Shirt Blue with school Logo Black Shoes, Dark Navy Blue shocks, Red and House Ribbon
Dark Navvy blue stocking summer-
Maroon pant,sky blue shirt with school logo, Black Shoes Dark Navy blue socks
Girls-boys winter-
Maroon Sweater with logo,Maroon cap,Dark NavyBlue
Stocking Winter-
Maroon Sweater with logo maroon cap

Note: Tie,Belt and Perfect Badge Are compulsory to Wear in School Premises.

Extra Curricular activities

All students are Encouraged to take part in Weekly Friday Sports. The annual Athlete meet held every year in mangsir. School provide a wide Range of Facility for sports like badminton,table tennis, volleyball. Debate, Elocution,Drawing, quiz contest are organised time to time.

This School is perfect for the Students to build up an unique personality and for quality education and all the teachers are very helpful. As there is the saying the best teachers teaches from the heart not from the books same thing has been followed here so if you are searching for the best school in dhangadhi hasanpur,shivnagar then this school is perfect for your children so if you want a bright future of your children choose this school.




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