Free facebook in ncell from february 15

Ncell which is very popular network in nepal providing internet and other many facilities. Ncell has provided for the first time loan system in cellular network and also the data packs system before the nepal telecome.

I am not doing the back bite of ntc but m just saying that ncell is just 1 step forward than the ntc becausw it is providing the servicies before the ntc and with the facility ntc is also taking charge as in loan ntc is taking 2 rupees on rs 20 which is too much in hearing its nothing but ncell is making a lot of money from that system. And now from 15 feburary ncell subscribers will be able to use free internet from ncell simcard… users will be able to chat Update status …

Now in this free facebook system users can use facebook by two types one is if users are using facebook by mobile data they need to turn on data mode and if they are out of balane or free facebook they need to use outdata mode … now many of you may confuse what is this two types of mode let me tell you…

If you are using facebook without data then you will be able to chat but you will not able to see the images and if your data mode is on you will be able to see images .. ncell has previously also provided free twitter and wikipedia and its still now running free and now ncell has bring free facebook from today midnight 15th feb i also got news while i was surfing internet at midnight due to habit of watchinf movies at night okx my readers if you liked my article and provided info fell free to comment.

If you got stuck on getting free internet in ncelm fell free to ask us we will guide you

Http injector free internet in ncell

use http injector and use free internet in ncell . by using this advance vpn system of http injector you can use free internet by ncell . let me tell you how to use http injector and use free internet.

At first you need to download http injector from the play store 

  1. step 1 :  at first you need to create an account on  fasstsh and at there you need to select the country i reccomended you to choose germany its very fast.
  2. after signing up watch video on youtube there are many videos about generating file and then use free internet in ncell with http injector.
  3. note this is only for edcuational purpose we are not hacker sheheh…
  4. if you got stuck on generating http injector file then comment in the down i will reply you with latest file


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