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meroreview photo contest

meroreview photo contest 2017

Meroreview is an  online portal and now we are going to organize and online photo contest the participants should send us their sing photo without any edit and we will upload it to our website and make online voting system you have to share our link and tell your friends to visit and vote you all the vote will count till 10 days after that winner will be announced on our website with different prizes .

we will have three winners and in case of same vote we will choose from our self to the winner.


  1. All the participants should send their origional photo.
  2. They can share as much as to their friends .
  3. voting rules they can vote by coming to our site
  4. by sharing our link post to their timeline 1share = 1 vote

How to participate

Send us a contact Detail from below contact form and send us your photo from email at babalhemant@gmail.com

 This competition will start after 10 days so fill up the form now sharwan 11

facebook photo contest

photo contest

Meroreview photo contest register now

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