Real friends Never let You alone (The Darkness shining stunners)

the darkest shining stunners

the darkest shining stunners

Today saturday i was sleeping till 8 a clock  as usual i wakeup and go  to get Fresh after that i got a call From my friend Suraj. He asked me to go with him in His college to get the result of second term. we go there and after that we planned to go Bhaktapur For romaing. When we were just romaing Here and there At the temples . There were some peoples dancing on song (lyang lyang na gara.)

i was watching them they were just the age groups 19-20 were performing Dance they all were fantastic in There forms and captured some small video you can watch this Here.


after  their performance  the two girls comes with a donation box collecting money and at that time i had think wow  these people are collecting donations might be they are performing and collecting donations and helping some one and i had tried there to look any banners are there or not and i have seen nothing so i had tried to ask them they are performing this type on the street if this is for advertising then why are they collecting the donations so i have ask one of the members of their group who was also performing at there i have forgot to ask his name but let me tell there story .

Why they were collecting doantions?

As today is loshar and they have planned to participate in the Programme which was going to be held on the tudikhel. They had practised overnight and they were too happy to have performance at such a big mass. and after practising all had return to their home and sleeps but while at the morning time all were ready to go at Tudikhel one of their friend was absent at their they went to their friends room and they saw he has some stomach problem they have think it might be problem due to gastic or something else but when they take him for the checkup at bhaktpur nearest hospital they get to know there that his friend is suffering from Apendicitis they have cancelled their performance at the programme and brother has also said if our friend is in this condition how can we left him alone and go to perform at there. at that time i Realized the meaning of friendship yes they are the real friends who never left when you are in trouble .

here i can say thanks to all of you guys who have contributed and collected donation for their friend by performing in the street hope you guys will get lots of success in the future bless you guys.

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