How to bypass android lockscreen with root and without root

when your android device locked most of people’s mind have 3 idea to unlock “hard rest,hard reset,hard reset” well this idea might hurt cause
nobody like to loose their precious data.Now what to do? you can resolve your problem either root feature or without root.
Following ways you can break the ass of android i mean break the lockscreen of android.

A.Root feature

1. Throught ADB
ADB stand for android developmental bridge. Throught ADB you can handle many hidden things of android os.To use this feature you must enable android
debugging which is lies settings>developer options.

Note:Type all command without quote.


before we move ahead you must fulfill these requirement

a.ADB must be enabled
 b.device must rooted

you can find ADB driver in your device vendor website or you can google still having difficully you can use Samsung USB driver but you have to install it manually.

after fulfilling these requirement

a.connect you device to PC through USB or WiFi

b.Download ADB tool from here. or here ADB folder and hold shift button + right click in empty are you will see “open command windows here” click on it.
d dialog box will appear

c.Now type “ADB devices” and hit enter
following dialog box you appear in your android device

d.Tick “Always allow from this computer” and click on “OK
e.List of attached device will show in dos if you had  authorized you device will see “device” otherwise “offline” is appear.
f.Now type “ADB shell” hit enter
g.Type “SU” in order to access your device partition.
h.Super permission dialog box will appear in your device. authorize you PC to access your device.

i.Now fun part came and this time to remove your lock

Now type following command without mistake and ignore if message like “not found” shown.

“rm /data/system/gatekeeper.gesture.key”
hit enter

“rm /data/system/”
press enter

“rm /data/system/gatekeeper.password.key”
press enter

“rm /data/system/gesture.key”

hit enter

“rm /data/system/locksettings.db”
press enter

“rm /data/system/locksettings.db.shm

press enter


android unlock

Unlock android through adb command,unlock loockscreen withour root






Now reboot your device after rebooting you won’t see any lockscreen.

B.Using custom recovery like CWM,TWRP,philz

If any third party developer support your device model google it you definetly will get recovey image and flash it

Download lock bypass file:Lock bypass or Lock bypass

a.After flashing recovery image open it simply by press and holder your power+volume up or power+volume up +home button simultaneously .

You will see following screen



TWRP,Team win recovery project,twrp download,twrp for android on install


TWRP recovery


c.Flash “Lock” file



TWRP recovery for android



TWRP for samsung android


d.After succesfull flashing reboot your device

e.Finally you won’t see any lockscreen.

Roshan Gautam

Roshan gautam is a programmer,webdesigner,and also android app developer. He likes to write articles about tech and android apps development and he has also a working experience with some multinational companies like nativeads,google.

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