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Anoml Kc the son the Bhuwan Kc Nepali Actor who is very popular and became Favourite For  His movies in the time of his. Bhuwna kc is an Actor but later on he turned into an Director. Bhuwn kc is passionate on films dance music from his Childhood. bhuwan kc at first very intrested in the singing and he also went to the radio nepal’s program named “jaage sara raaat”  bhuwan kc loves to take risk and he also knows very well to adapt at any kind of enviorment.


anmol kc film gajalu now that was a short information about the bhuwan kc a dad of anmol kc now lets know more about anmol kc a nepali actor who is giving a superhit movies to the nepali cinemas. anmol kc is passionate over music  and sports from his childhood  so he went to the music band with his friends and named it as a mt07 and after the school days were over his friends and he went apart and all goes to their own ways at that time he haven’t think that he will stand as a actor in his carrer. As the anmol kc’s film hostel he had lived in hostel becasue of his parents were busy in their fields. Anmol kc’s parents take a divorce how ever anmol wants to live with his father at that time when he was child. He passed his childhood in a Very good Reputed Malpi International School.  Many of people think that anmol first movie is “hostel” but he has also seen on the screen of nepali movie “sathi ma timro” in 2012 and after that in 2013 he Debuted as a leading Actor in the Film Hostel and after that he becames The Favourite Actor and became most Popular among the Girls with his Hancy looks and good personality .

Anmol kc Awards

  • 2014          Nominated For NEETA Awards For Movie Hostel
  • 2014          filmy khavar For best actor Movie same hostel
  • 2014          Box office Debbut For Best Actor movie Hostel
  • 2014          INFA awards  (in the HONkong) for best actor movie Hostel

2015          NOminated in NFDC  Awards For shiva best actor movie Jerry

Anmol kc movies and his Roles

Anmol Kc started to be seen on movie from sathi ma timro which was Released on 2012 it was a very short scene so many of the peoples don’t know about it .and later on he debuted with a movie hostel and after that successfull blockbuster he make another superhit movie jerrry with anna sharma that was a very good chemistry in the film with anna sharma. this movie jerry has collected 2 crores in the 2 weeks after that he again comes with a superhit movie Dreams and after that uppto now last movie Released is Gajalu which was again superhit movie with new herione i forgot her name .

Anmol kc’s Upcoming movies

now anmol kc is going to be seen on his new movie gangster blues with anna sharma . hope to see its trailer and again a very good chemistry with his rumour girlfriend anna sharma yes you heard it right it comes in news and on social media also that anna sahrma was his girlfriend later on both refuses that they are just friends and they meet as a casual friend. now gangester blues is preparing to be released soon. and its supried that anmol kc’s is going to be seen on old movie sequel ye mero hajur part 2.

Anmol kc’s as a highest paying actor

yes you heard it right anmol kc now is a actor who takes most highest price than any of the other old famous actor like rajesh hamal, aryan sigdel he has taken 10lakhs which is nothing for other countries but its a great fund for nepali actor.

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