Top Five places to visit in Nepal

Nepal is a land locked country. It lies between the Border of India and china. Nepal is famous for its richness in the natural resources and for Different Cultures and traditions. Nepal is a Multilingual Country . People speak more Than 118 Language. Nepal is Dividied into the three regions they are
1.Mountain Region
2.Hilly Region
3.Terai region
Here are the three regions and each has their own climates. And people living They have adapted same type of cultures according to their place so you may find Different cultures and traditions in different regions. In Nepal many tourists come to visit from different parts if the world. In Nepal there are so many places To visit and there are so many stuffs to Do. Most of the attracted things in the Nepal for the Tourists are.
Bunjee jumping in Nepal Which is the Second Deppest Fall in The world Now it is very popular among the Tourists of Foreign or Nepal. The literal name of bunjjee is Rubber rope.
Rafting is also the favourite part of All the Tourists in Nepal There are many rives in nepal which are perfect for the rafting. In nepal there also many Photographers also came to Capture the natural scenioreas. Which gives pleasure to life. As There are many places also to Visit.


places to visit nepalPokhara in Nepal is the Most Famous place. It is also famous for its climate and pokhara is also known as the city of lakes and the caves. In pokhara There and a lots of beautiful lakes where you can enjoy the   boats and there are a lots of cave in pokhara which are naturally amazing. Pokhara is the city of nepal which never sleeps. It is so Romantic if You are walking pokhara at night time. Pokhra is also a second largest city of Nepal after the Pokhara. In pokhara there is a very good facilities of luxurious hotels. Tourist buses nepali food. It is bit expensive but for the people who want to enjoy their life bit more than usal then it’s a very perfect place to be there. In pokhara you Will also Find two hill tops to visit they are. Now for the tourists there is facility of paragliding now days in pokhara this is very much popular many peoples came their for paragliding.
The world peace pogada and sarangot
Mustang- A Tourism place
it’s a very beautiful place. Many people wants to Visit Here. Now mustang is a country which is a major attraction for tourists to visit Nepal. In mustang there are many places to visit some of them are here .


lumbini of nepalmuktinath temple. It is a very beautiful place of nepal and a district headquarter.It lies in the altitude of 2800m.the local people of these places are called the thakalis.and one thing i want to tell you that thakali dishes are known as the best dishes in nepal and it is really a very tasty and royal most of the places of the jomsom thakali food is served in my view it is a perfect place to visit for the tourist of nepal. at the evening time a strong winds can be feeled. nearly 7-8 flights are take off and land so there is no problem for the tourist to come and go. it is also a very perfect place for the photographer to capture the nature in the memory of camera. There are a lots of hotels in the jomsom some of them are.
Hotels in the jomsom
Omhs home, Hotel xanandu, Hotel majesty
Muktinath Temple
Muktinath temple is a holy place for the hindus and buddhist. It lies in the altitude of 3710m at the mountains and it is 21km far from the jomsom.Inside the temple there is a statue of lord vishnu and godness laxmi and the eagle. There is also a 108 water tap is made near the temple it is belived that if you through that tap then god will forgives your mistakes. In the Festival time like dashain, chaithdashain many worshipper come from different parts of nepal and india

illam of nepal



download-2illam is a best and most choosen favourite to visit in the eastern part . Illam is famous for tea greens. many students from nepal also used to go visit at the illam for college tour. From kathmandu illam is about 677km. in the previous time illam was also known as thevharkhola becasue it is situated between the fours rivers. in the illam shree antudada is also known as the most popular place of illam, the best thing about the illam is the sunrise and the sunset. in the illam there is fikkal bazar which is a very busy place at illaam .


lumbini of nepal

lumbini is a holy place for the buddhist. it is also a birth place of lordh buddha there you can get to see the foot prints of lordbuddha which is kept under the mayadevi temple. in lumbini you can get lots of places to visit as there many countries have made different temples in different designs which were quite beautiful. lumbini is a quite place the people of that places are very nice and helpful
These were only the some of the places  which are most desired and a very nice place to visit and enjoy if you want to visit   we welcome you heartly.

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