Top Five Mountains of The World

The highest mountain Mount Everest Lies In Nepal  Which is also Called as Sagarmatha. Many tourists came Nepal For visiting mountains and also For trekking and climbing. Mountains of Nepal are the main source of water  due to melting of the ice and Nepal is also recognize as the second richest country at water resources.

Mt Everest (Sagarmatha)


Mount Everest which is known as the highest mountains of the world. In Nepal it is Also called as The Sagarmatha. It is located in Mahalangur of Mountain range of Nepal. Its height is about the 8848 Meters about (29029 ft). The first person to climb Mount Everest are Tenzing norgay Serpa and Edmund Hillary at 1989 and the first women to climb mount Everest is Junko Tabei a japanese mountain climber on 16 may 1965 she became the first women to climb

mountain sagarmatha
For climbing the mountain the April and may is the best time and from mid to August Summer may sound like the Prime time to Visit the Mount Everest and in the monsoon season mountains used to receive the rainfall so this time is not good for climbing.

K2 mountain

k 2 is the world second highest mountain of the world which lies in the Pakistan. K 2 mountain is also called as the mount Godin austin or Choogori after the mount Everest K 2 lies in the worlds second highest mountain.Its height is about the 8611 meters (28,251) meters. this mountain is Located Between the border of India and China.

k2 mountain of pakistan
k2 is also called as the savage mountain due to the extremely Diffcult of climbing. The first mountain climber of aleister crowely on 1902 has tried to climb k2 Northeast Ridge he failed after 68 days due to bad weather after 68 days.


Kanchenjunga Lies in Nepal and it is the Third highest mountain of the world and second highest mountain in the nepal . Kanchenjunga has an awesome view and its a perfect place for the nature lovers and for the photography lovers to take down natural photos. It lies in  Taplejung partly in Nepal and partly in Sikkim. Its height is about the 8586 Meters (28,169) ft. It has 16 peaks over the 7000 m (23000) feet. In May 2014, Bulgarian Boyan Petrov reached the peak without using oxygen.

kanchanjunga nepal


Lhotse is the forth highest mountain in the world and the third highest mountain in the Nepal Lhotse means south peak in tibetan. The hight of it is about the 8414m (27,503) ft.  It lies between the border of china and Khumbu of Region of Nepal. An early attempt on Lhotse was by the 1955 International Himalayan Expedition, headed by Norman Dyhrenfurth. It also included two Austrians (cartographer Erwin Schneider and Ernst Senn) and two Swiss (Bruno Spirig and Arthur Spöhel), and was the first expedition in the Everest area to include Americans (Fred Beckey, George Bell, and Richard McGowan). The Nepalese liaison officer was Gaya Nanda Vaidya.

lhotse mountain of nepal

Makalu mounatins

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain of the World and its a Fourth Highest mountain in Nepal. it is  located in the Mahalangur Himalayas 19 km (12 mi) southeast of Mount Everest, on the border between Nepal and China. Its height is about the 8485m The first climb on Makalu was made by an American team led by William Siri in the spring of 1954. The expedition was composed of Sierra Club members including Allen Steck, and was called the California Himalayan Expedition to Makalu.

makalu mountain fourth highest mountain of world

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